Change for Nurses Campaign #wecarebecausetheydo


Change for the Better. We care, because they do.

Can you give just £1 or your spare change to support our nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants during the COVID-19 crisis?

You can donate here

Right now, more than ever, we are seeing the hard work that is done by the few, for the many. 

Our NHS nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants are amongst the best of us and they deserve better. Day after day, crisis after crisis - they do it because they care.

But who's looking after them? Who is caring for them? Who is showing the best of us, that their tireless efforts are appreciated?

Well now you can. 

Change for the Better supports the wonderful work done by Cavell Nurse's Trust. This amazing charity provides financial and
emotional support to our nursing and midwifery staff in times of crisis. We'd love for you to join us in saying a heartfelt thank-you to those who have chosen to dedicate their career to the safety of others, whilst living their own lives on the frontline. 

Your change could buy a coffee, it could sit in your bedside drawer, it could end up jangling around at the back of your washing machine or the bottom of an old bag, or - once in a while - it could be put to making a Change for the Better. 

Thank you so much in advance, please stay in and stay safe and link to donate is 

Love Laura (midwife and nurse of 19 years to the NHS) xxx


You can support the campaign by donating and sharing this page with your friends and family. Use the hashtag #changeforthebetter and #wecarebecausetheydo 

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